The first step – the right equipment

I always wanted to get into boxing, but since I never had enough spare time because of my job, I used to postpone my training. Once my retirement settled in, I was able to make a few changes in my diet and gradually work my way up toward the physical shape I wanted. The first thing I did was purchase a heavy bag. Of course, I had to settle for one that wasn’t too large considering that I wasn’t really keen on the idea of getting into kickboxing or any type of martial arts to speak of.

alabama7I started doing my share of research online. In order to avoid any kind of injury, you have to get yourself a nice pair of hand wraps and gloves. I was so excited that I just went out and bought some equipment from the nearby specialized store. Boy, was I wrong! I didn’t have to choose the highest quality but these things were hardly usable given that the size I had picked was downright wrong. Once I got back home and tried out some kicks, I decided I was better off with several other weeks spent researching the topic. From what I noticed, the boxing community is very united when it comes to getting the right kind of equipment. In fact, many professional have blogs or are rather active on forums where they address topics such as getting the right size, the best gloves and boxing boots for beginners, and others.

Another thing that I found while sifting through the many forum topics I consulted during that time was that the most efficient training starts with at least several minutes of jumping rope. I didn’t even own a jump rope, but fortunately I was able to get one for less than fifteen dollars. I have to be honest and say that this wasn’t the core piece of equipment I wanted to spend a fortune on. Fifteen dollars seems like a fair price if I can use the jump rope for at least a year or so.


Gloves are way more complicated since you have to consider the fact that you’ll be wearing the hand wraps underneath them. Nobody ever recommends avoiding using hand wraps and now that I’ve started my boxing adventure, I can say the same. Hand wraps restrain your knuckles so that they don’t get injured during the training. As for the boots, I had to focus on things like flexibility and performance. I didn’t really have any trouble with getting the right model considering that I came across several buying guides that I used to figure out what I was looking for.

About me

alabama3Back in my day, boxing was much more difficult than it is now or maybe I was just too reckless to practice it properly. Kids who had no place to train or proper equipment had to find a way to do it. Nowadays, nobody would imagine training without the perfect pair of gloves, outside a well-equipped gym. I can tell you, when I first started boxing, I had to improvise my training equipment using anything that I considered to be fitted. Of course, that wasn’t ideal and it didn’t get me far in my career. I actually had to give up a couple of years into it, because I’ve injured my right hand pretty bad during a boxing match. In the end, equipment and a good place to train are two essential components when you want to take up any sport. Back then, people expected me to just do it, no matter what the circumstances. My mom didn’t know what I was doing in my free time or where I was going, because she didn’t see fighting as a good way to make something in life. That was her idea on boxing and I was never able to change it, not even when I got some local prestige.



Boxing is a tough sport, and as such, your body needs to be protected by the harsh treatment to which it can be submitted when you practice it. A good pair of boxing gloves and a great technique are your best allies during a match. I didn’t know that when I went into competition so I had to learn it the hard way. Anyway, I resumed being a coach after a couple of years of professional career and I trained all my students with patience and taught them prudence.


alabama5I learnt how to properly use my laptop by taking special classes that included some basics on how to set up a blog. I’ve said to myself, you know, that’s a good idea to write about boxing and to share a bit from my experience as a professional boxer and, later, a trainer. In the end, though times have changed, some defense boxing techniques, the footwork and such, have stayed the same and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the tricks I was using in my youth, are now forgotten. Of course, new training methods have been developed too, so I’ve decided to catch up and readjust my boxing knowledge through this blog, but also let people who are in love with this sport like I am, find out more about it and about why it is so great.